The Twelve Disciplines of Consistently Innovative Organizations

No 1 — They are constantly hungry!

No 2 — They have a clear plan for where they want to go, and a sound strategy for how they intend to get there.

No 3 — Their radar is perpetually on.

No 4 — They source their insights and capabilities far and wide.

No 5 — They go both organic and inorganic!

No 6 — They use the 5 Discovery Skills to carry out Design Thinking.

No 7 — They experiment relentlessly!

No 8 — They are liberal in their use of enablers and reinforcements.

No 9 — They have a disciplined and focused innovation investment process, allowing them to choose their investments wisely.

No 10 — They execute “steel bar” solid!

No 11 — They operate innovation as an ongoing, never-ending cycle.

No 12 — They wrap it all up with the right sponsorship and leadership — creating and sustaining the right culture in the business.



CEO — Legacy Innovation Group / Executive Director — Global Innovation Institute. Speaker. Writer. Scholar. Strategist. Adventurer. Global hitchhiker.

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